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                                            PD In a Virtual World 2nd Edition
                                            Workshop Guide

                                            Price :
                                            $39.95 $30.00Save: 25% off

                                            Author: Deirdre A. Pickerell, Roberta A. Neault
                                            Format: USB Drive/Digital Download
                                            Date: 2017
                                            Number: CLPD-0061-0


                                            This Personality Dimensions® Guide is slightly different from the titles in the Toolkit series. Rather than providing workshop outlines, handouts, PowerPoint® presentations and exercises tailored to a specific workshop theme, this Guide provides facilitators with what they need to use Personality Dimensions® virtually, in the same room, across the road or on the other side of the world.

                                            Topics include:

                                            • Assessing Readiness
                                            • Defining Your Interaction with Participants
                                            • Choosing Your Preferred Communication Format
                                            • Selecting the Most Appropriate Technology
                                            • Working Virtually with Individual Clients
                                            • Working Virtually with Groups

                                            Also included is a thorough, step-by-step guide to administering the Personality Dimensions® assessment online, and comprehensive list of software and websites available for facilitating distance training.


                                            You will recieve a link do download the guide by email, and we will send you the USB drive with the guide by letter mail. Please make sure you adjust your shipping address to one that can recieve mail during the COVID-19 restrictions. 

                                            When checking out, you will only be given the option of "store pickup." Don't worry, we will still mail you your copy.

                                            To ensure the safety of our staff, we have arranged for contactless handoff too Canada Post.



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