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                                            Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) : On-line

                                            Format: Online
                                            Order Number: SAS-300-111
                                            Price: $14.00

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                                            The JVIS is a comprehensive, accurate, gender-fair assessment that pinpoints which academic and career fields would be best suited for individuals, based on their unique sets of interests. It is well suited for people whose career path includes a four year university degree. It is also appropriate for individuals considering a mid-career change.

                                            The JVIS consists of 289 pairs of statements describing professional, job-related activities. The forced-choice format requires an individual to choose between two equally popular interests.

                                            The JVIS assesses work roles (for example, engineering), and work environment preferences (for example, job stability), as well as measuring potential academic satisfaction. The detailed report found at JVIS.com also provides links, resources, and industry contacts to help individuals learn more about their highest ranked careers and university majors.

                                            The JVIS manual and several research studies provide strong support for the reliability and validity of this carefully constructed assessment. JVIS.com has a powerful interface built specifically for counsellors, allowing you to administer assessments remotely, manage client accounts, and view clients' reports.

                                            Administration Overview

                                            Qualification Level: A
                                            Administer to: 14 years old and older
                                            Administration time: 45 minutes
                                            Number of items: 289 items
                                            Reading Level: 7th Grade
                                            Scoring Options: On-line; Mail-in; Hand Scorable
                                            Report Length: Extended - 18 pages; Basic - 4 pages
                                            Additional Languages: French version available


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